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Repair, Service and MOT


We will endeavour to repair any make/model of motorbike from Scooters to Superbikes and will also turn our hand to accommodate trikes, quads etc.  Our extensive experience means that almost any repair and/or modification can be rectified or we may die trying!

After initial enquiry we will inspect the bike and provide a no obligation quotation to carry out the repair which will include any other issues we have identified.

We are able to supply most parts for all makes and models including tyres, batteries, fork stanchions and seals, chain and sprocket kits, brake pads, shoes and discs even cuddly mascots and fairy lights!!!……and can supply and fit all datatool alarm and tracker products.

Our specialist equipment also enables us to rectify service light issues, carry out various diagnostic tests, balance throttle bodies and read fault codes on all fuel injected motorcycles.

We also offer a modestly priced pick up/drop off service and will collect your bike out of hours if required.

An appointment is not always necessary so please feel free to drop in during opening hours or to contact us 


Basic Service

  • Change oil and filter and check oil cooler
  • Check the Engine management system (fuel injection)
  • For carbs set mixtures and balance etc.
  • Check and adjust throttle cables
  • Check valve clearances
  • Check cooling system
  • Check the fuel system
  • Check the suspension
  • Check the brake pads and brake fluid
  • Check brake system and brake light switch operation
  • Check tightness of all nuts, bolts and fasteners
  • Check condition of tyres and wheels
  • Check the clutch
  • Check the drive chain
  • Check plugs
  • Check/adjust engine idle speed and throttle bodies
  • Check and adjust steering head bearings
  • A diagnostic dyno run 


Full Service

Basic Service PLUS:

  • Renew air filter
  • Check the secondary air injection system
  • Check and adjust the valve clearances 
  • Lubricate the steering head bearings 
  • Check wheel bearings
  • Lubricate the clutch and brake levers, gear change lever linkage, brake pedal pivot and side stand pivots and the throttle and clutch cables.
  • Change coolant
  • Fit new spark plugs


Whilst we do not carry out the MOT test in house, we do offer a service to prepare the vehicle for testing and to take it to a testing centre to obtain the certifcate.  With forward planning, this can be done in a day (providing there are no unidentified issues) however, we usually ask that the vehicle be left with us at least overnight.